The class is designed to teach students about web applications, digital citizenship, personal network building, and social media responsibility and practice. This blog will be used to share with our readers the tools, websites, and web resources that students are learning about. We hope that you find a tool that you can utilize. WE CLICK TO: DISCOVER, EXPLORE, LEARN, CREATE, COMMUNICATE, COLLABORATE, CONNECT AND SHARE - ARE YOU CLICKING?

3b - Review

Today we are going to create a presentation on Google - add animation - text and gif, and video!

You will share this with a classmate so you can both edit the presentation.

We are also going to compare and contrast Yahoo to Google!

Google Forms - we will also explore this as well.

Assignment 1 - post the link of the shared Presentation on your blog.

Assignment 2 - Explore Yahoo!

Assignment 3 - create a post - comparing/contrasting Yahoo - which do you like best?

Assignment 4 - Google Forms - we may not get to!