The class is designed to teach students about web applications, digital citizenship, personal network building, and social media responsibility and practice. This blog will be used to share with our readers the tools, websites, and web resources that students are learning about. We hope that you find a tool that you can utilize. WE CLICK TO: DISCOVER, EXPLORE, LEARN, CREATE, COMMUNICATE, COLLABORATE, CONNECT AND SHARE - ARE YOU CLICKING?


Create a presentation on Google

--Slide 1 - name - animated text
--Slide 2 - animated gif's - atleast 2
--Slide 3, 4, 5, 6, 7  - Share five of your favorite Web tools that you learned about in class - that you did not know existed prior to enrolling in this course.  Go back and browse through your blog to refresh your memory. Include name of website, website address, and description of this tool and  how you will use it after you leave this course.
--Slide 8 -  thoughts of the course!
--Slide 9 - share two tools that we did not go over - that you think others would want to know about.
--Slide 10 - youtube video - over tool or class topic

HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope to see you in future classes that I teach!

--Share link on blog, but do not allow editing - title it my final!